X4 Micro AC/DC 1S LiPo Charger

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Lättskött laddare för de små encellsbatterierna som driver många av våra mindre modeller. Laddar upp till 4 batterier samtidigt.

Key Features

  • AC/DC Dual Power Input
  • Four Independent Charge Ports
  • Each Port Features Four Popular Battery Connectors and an Independent LED Display
  • Audible Alarm Indicating Process Termination
  • Adjustable Charge Current: 0.1-1A
  • Comprehensive Safety Features Including Short Circuit, Over Current, Battery Reverse Polarity and DC Input Voltage Protection


Looking for a dependable portable charger for all your micro flyers? Look no further. Hitec has done it again with our latest, the X4 Micro Charger. This affordable charger features a built-in AC/DC power supply and four independent charge ports, each with the four most common battery connectors to cover all your needs. The individual LED displays show current, capacity and charge status, keeping you informed. This recent addition to our impressive charger line fits the bill without taking too many from your wallet. Backed by Hitec, the X4 Micro may be compact, but it is big on performance.

*Special Note* Hitec includes an adapter to prevent damage to the battery connector on E-Flite® Batteries. It is advised to use this adapter instead of plugging an E-Flite® battery directly into the MX port on this charger.

Mer information
Tillverkare Hitec
Längd (mm) 132
Bredd (mm) 100
Höjd (mm) 50
Vikt (g) 280
Antal celler Li-XX 1 (x4)
Max effekt (W) 4x4W
Display Nej
Rek. kapacitet (mAh) 50-1000
Kontakt Ultra Micro (1S), High Current Ultra Micro (1S), LOSI Micro
Batterityp (kemi) Li-Polymer
Antal kanaler 4
Driftspänning 12V / 220V
- 20%