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  1. Artikelnummer: SPMVC650

    600TVL color- 650TVL Black and White
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  2. Artikelnummer: FXT798TMount

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  3. Artikelnummer: SPMVX2510

    This is the Spektrum™ Heavy Duty Camera Mount. This flexible nylon mount will allow the mounting of the SPMVA2510 (Heavy Duty 25mW 5.8GHz FPV Camera) to any surface platform. Most applications will allow you to mount he camera inside the vehicle for true FPV, or on the roof for a better vantage point. The integrated camera lens guard helps protect the lens from any damage that may occur.
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  4. Artikelnummer: SPMVA2510EU

    FPV kamera med innebygget sender i kraftig hus som tåler en trøkk, og er beskyttet mot vann og støv.


    Key Features

    Integrated camera and 25mw transmitter
    Protective outer shell for extreme durability
    Water, shock and dust resistant
    Excellent image clarity in all lighting conditions
    Enough signal range for small park flyers and quad racers
    Compatible with 5.8GHz Fat Shark headsets
    Powered separately or through modeler's receiver
    Remote channel selection available when powered through receiver aux port
    Integrated power filter prevents motor and servo interference
    No 2.4GHz RC interference
    HAM license required for U.S. operation
    Installs in seconds

    Needed To Complete

    Open Port on Receiver or Y Harness
    5.8GHz FPV Headset or Monitor
    3.9-6.0 Volt Power Source


    The VA2510 is built for applications like FPV quad racers or surface vehicles where extra protection from shock and the elements is needed. Its camera and 25mw, 5.8GHz transmitter are housed in a protective shell that's barely bigger than a thimble. It can be powered separately or through the model's receiver. Powering it separately requires a 3.9-6.0 Volt Power Source

    If powering the VA2510 through an auxiliary channel on your receiver, its integrated power filter will prevent interference from the model's motor and servos. You can also assign a transmitter switch or dial to whatever aux channel the camera is connected to and remotely change video frequencies.

    The VA2510 is compatible with all 5.8GHz Fat Shark headsets and can be installed in minutes. A HAM license is required for to operate the VA2510 in the U.S.

    † A HAM license is required for to operate the VA2510 in the U.S.

    Detailed Information

    Frequency Band: 5.8GHz
    Modulation: Analog NTSC
    Input power: 3.9v - 6.0v
    Signal output: 25mw
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