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Detta är en friflygmodell som kan konverteras till radiostyrning och eldrift.

Laserskurna delar som i alla DARE-byggsatser! Avsedd för friflyg. Kan konverteras till RC av den händige byggaren. Utrustningen från en E-Flite UMX BEAST eller Carbon Cub passar perfekt!

Mike Midkiff Design

Wingspan: 27.0'
Length: 323'
Weight: 70 grams w/o rubber or electric components
Wing area: 135 sq. in.
Controls: ailerons, elevator, rudder & throttle

Power: Rubber - 1 loop of 1/4anf loop of 3/16 FAI rubber - Electric - Dare EPU-4 motor
Prop: Rubber - 10' (2-blade) 9.5' (3-blade) Electric - 8' -- Batteries FF- 5 cell, 50 mah pack

From the attack on Pearl Harbor to the last desperate attempts to ward off allied fighters and bombers, the Zero took part in every major Jap Navy action. However, even with early war superiority, the A6M2 was fast becoming outclassed by the introduction of allied fighters such as the Hellcat, Corsair and P-38. Mitsubishi recognized that massive improvements to the Zero were needed to keep pace with these new fighters.

Two glaring insufficiencies recognized was the lack of firepower and marginal structural integrity. This became apparent during high-speed dives. The Zero would start to come apart when dived ay more than 400 mph. Thus, the need for rapid improvements, which spurred the development of the A6M5 series.

The wings were shortened and structural improvements added. The folding wing tips with its associated structure were eliminated. The engine exhaust system was revamped for individual exhaust stack, augmenting max speed. Also added were improved 20mm long-barrel cannons with more rounds per gun. The substitution, and addition of .50 caliber machine guns, in lieu of .30 caliber guns improved the Zero’s firepower.

Called by various Allied code names such as: Ben, Ray, Zeke and Hamp, these late war Zeros never quite regained the almost mythical regard that characterized Allied thinking (Re: The Vaulted Zero) thru much of the early war years.

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