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Charmig 'nästanskalamodell' av den klassiska Flygande Loppan! Anpassad för lätt tillgänglig och prisbillig elektronik från Parkzone/E-Flites modeller. Laserskurna delar och modern konstruktion gör bygget lätt, snabbt och roligt!
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S-POU! inspired by the Pou De Ciel (Flying Flea) - Based on the flight mechanics of Henri Minet's Flying Machine this tandem wing DiddleBug explores pitch control of the main wing and provokes all kinds of ogling at local indoor events!

Beginners will appreciate this affordable design, simple single surface wing, low parts count, and self jigging fuselage that builds straight every time. The gentle handling S-POU! will not spin and stalls are always clean, predictable, and straight ahead. Slow speed, wide flight envelope, and forgiving handling keeps the new pilot from trouble and the low mass, durable, all balsa construction makes encounters with the ground a non-event. Should you find your S-POU! requires repair; damage is easily fixed at the field in seconds with thin CA glue.

Designed to accept the popular ParkZone (PKZ3351) 2.4ghz Spektrum DSM2 Rec/ESC/Servo combo unit and PKZ3624 motor and gearbox

Recommended Flying Site Gymnasium
Airframe Type Basic Trainer
Control Layout 3 Channel R/E/T
Airframe Construction Laser Engineered™ Balsa
Product Origin Colorado, USA
Wing Span (in.) 17.75
Wing Area (sq. in.) 125
Length (in.) 12
Flying Weight (oz.) 1.4
Loading (oz. / sq. ft.) 1.6
Wing Cube Loading 1.7
Power Rating (sug. motor)  
Speed Control (ESC) ParkZone PKZ3351
Battery 120-160mAh (3C) 3.7V
Rudder Servo ParkZone PKZ3351
Elevator Servo ParkZone PKZ3351
Aileron Servo (1) NA
Aileron Servo (2) NA
Pilot Skil Level Beginner
Builders Skill Level Beginner
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