Trinity 3axis Extrnl Head Tracker

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Overview The Trinity external tracker comes with Futaba cable, JR style cable and 2 styles of headset powering cables (one for sharing power, one for supplying power).

This is the Fat Shark Trinity 3-axis External Head Tracker. Trinity is the result of pairing an accurate 9DFO IMU with a revolutionary vector algorithm that anticipates and maps real head motion in free space. Trinity delivers the smoothest and most accurate 3 axis head tracker ever; it’s impossible to even imagine what could be improved as the performance is flawless.

Rapid fluid motion, zero error – the head tracker is so natural that it becomes an extension of your environment and you soon forget you are even using one. Trinity is a quantum leap forward in head tracking performance and it will change how FPV pilots fly. The package includes a Futaba cable, JR style cable, and two styles of headset powering cables; one for sharing power and one for supplying power. 

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