Model Engine Compression Gauge

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Overview Engine mechanics in the full-scale world often use a compression gauge to evaluate the condition of an engine. Radio control modelers can also benefit from this type of testing. Compression chamber readings can give valuable information on the all-important piston-to-cylinder fit, atmospheric effects, and deck clearance -- all contributing factors to a model engine's power. The Dynamite Compression Gauge couldn't be easier to use. Simply thread the stem into the engine's glow plug socket and turn the engine over. For pull-start versions, give the rope 6 or 7 quick tugs, just as you would to start the engine. For non-pull-start models, engage your starter wheel for 2-3 seconds. In either case, note the compression chamber reading on the dial, and then repeat the test to verify your reading. The Dynamite Compression Gauge is made of high quality materials and is designed to give extremely reliable readings. In fact, its accuracy is within 1psi! It works equally well on car, truck, airplane, and helicopter engines. Use the gauge to take an initial reading on a new engine, and as the engine breaks in, use the gauge to compare readings to the first one. In this way you can always have a quick reference to evaluate your engine's condition. Fast, easy, and dependable -- the Dynamite Compression Gauge works well under pressure!
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