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Vario Pitch Propeller för våldsam aerobatic! Motor, servo ingår ej. MAnualen kan laddas ned genom att klicka på PDF-loggan ovan till höger. Passar motorer med ihåliga axlar. Propellerdiameter ca 10'

Key Features

  • 3D CAD engineered for use on 3D models weighing up to 12 ounces (340 g) ready to fly (including VPP system)
  • Machined aluminum center hub mounts easily on 4mm hollow shaft motors, such as the Park 370 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 1200Kv with 4mm Hollow Shaft (EFLM1210HS)
  • Optional-use center hub shim for mounting on 3.17mm (1/8 in) hollow shaft motors
  • 10¼-inch diameter optimized for use with 370-size, 1200Kv brushless outrunner motors
  • Six ball bearings for minimum friction and ultimate precision
  • Durable aluminum, steel, glass-filled nylon and polycarbonate parts
  • Top finishing VPP system as flown by Quique Somenzini at the 2006 E-TOC

Needed To Complete

Park 370 BL Out,1200Kv w/4mm Hollow Shaft



This is the same variable pitch propeller system used by Quique Somenzini at the 2006 E-TOC competition. Using the latest CAD technology, E-flite® designed the Showstopper specifically for 3D electric planes with a flying weight of under 12 ounces (including the VPP). As you might expect, it’s a wonder of mini engineering with features.

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