ImaxRC B4 35W 2-4Cell Lipo-Balance Charger (11-18V DC Inn)

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Mycket lättanvänd laddare för NiMh eller Li-Polymer.
iMaxRC B3 35W Charger Specifications

· Power Input: AC 100 to 240V
· Power Output:35 Watts
· Charge Rate: Up to 1.5C
· Charge current: Up to 4.0A
· Battery Type: Lipo 2 to 3 Series / NiMH 1 to 8 Cells/LiFe 2 to 3 Series

  iMaxRC B3 35W Charger INCLUDES

iMaxRC B3 35W Compact Charger*1
AC Input Cord*1
Instruction manual*

 iMaxRC B3 35W Charger Introduction

The B3 35W charges 2 to 3 Series Lipo, 1 to 8 Cells NiMH and 2 to 3 Series LiFe battery packs with just the press of a button. Everything is automatic, so there’s no complicated guesswork. You get a safe, high-quality charge every time. It’s the easiest charger you’ll ever use!

 iMaxRC B3 35W Charger Connections

1. Connect the charger to its power source, using the AC power cord provided. When connected to power, the charger will make a single audible tone and the LiPo Status LED will illuminate green.
2. Plug your battery into the EC3 connector if you’re charging a NiMh battery. If you’re charging a LiPo battery, plug its balance connector into the matching balance port on the charger, too.

 iMaxRC B3 35W Charger Warnings

1.Only use the charger with LiPo or NiMH and LiFe battery types. Do not attempt to charge any other battery type. This charger is not compatible with Lilo or NiCd batteries.
2.Observe any cautions and warnings included with your battery.
3.Never leave the charger unsupervised during use. If any malfunction is observed, immediately terminate the process.
4.Keep the charger away from moisture, dust, dirt, heat, direct sunlight and vibration. Do not drop it.
5.Double-check all connections prior to starting the charge process.
6.The charger and the battery to be charged should be placed on a heat-resistant, non-flammable and non-conductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet or similar. Keep flammable and volatile materials well away from the operating area.
7.When charging LiPo batteries, we suggest using a LiPo charging safety bag, available from most hobby retailers.
8.Never charge a LiPo battery that is swollen in any way.

Mer information
Tillverkare iMAX
Antal celler Li-XX 2-3
Antal celler Ni-XX 1-8
Max effekt (W) 35
Display Nej
Kontakt Deans (T-type), Tamiya, JST-XH (balance)
Batterityp (kemi) Li-Polymer, NiMh
Antal kanaler 1
Driftspänning 220V