1/12 Yamaha RZ250

329 kr
5 I Lager

This highly accurate rendering of the RZ250 includes detailed depictions of the engine and radiator. It recreates the 1980 model year bike.
Semi-pneumatic synthetic rubber tires feature realistic tread patterns.
Vinyl tubing is included to depict brake lines and various cables.
High-quality Cartograf decals are included to depict 2 color schemes.

The Yamaha RZ250 made its debut at the 1979 Tokyo Motor Show. It was powered by a 247cc 35hp 2-stroke water-cooled engine attached to the frame via two orthogonal mounts, which prevented engine vibrations from being transmitted to the frame. This allowed for a more comfortable ride and a more lightweight double cradle frame design. It also featured mono-cross rear suspension and spiral-like spoke design wheels. With its exciting road-legal racer styling and innovative mechanical features, the bike left a lasting impression and became one of the best-selling 250cc class bikes on the Japanese market. The Tamiya model faithfully captures the full-size bike in all its details in 1/12 scale.

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Tillverkare Tamiya
Skala 1:12