1/12 Honda MVX250F

379 kr
5 I Lager

The powerful 90-degree V3 engine is recreated in fine detail. Vinyl tubing is used to authentically capture throttle, clutch and ignition cords among others.

The sharp styling of the body cowlings is succinctly captured by the model.

Realistic synthetic rubber tires. Optional side and lower cowlings are also included.

This is a model kit re-issue of the classic 1983 Honda MVX250F. The bike was a scaled down version of Honda’s racing champion the NS500, packing a V3 engine with two front cylinders and one rear. The 40hp power plant was designed so as the parts used in the rear cylinder were heavy enough to counterbalance their two front counterparts. It featured telescopic front suspension with an air spring cylinder, and Honda’s trademark Pro-Link setup at the rear of the bike.

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Tillverkare Tamiya
Skala 1:12