1/10 Novafox (Byggesett)

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Novafox Buggy Kit from Tamiya.
Improved Re-release Version of 2wd Racing Buggy from 1985.

Key Features

  • Length: 425mm, Width: 225mm, Height: 133mm
  • Durable ABS resin monocoque frame
  • Dual CVA dampers at the rear and 1 horizontally-placed CVA damper at the front
  • Gold-colored metal-plated wheels
Needed to Complete What's in the box?
  • 2-channel radio
  • Steering servo
  • ESC
  • 7.2volt battery
  • Compatible charger
  • Paint
  • Tools
  • 1) 1/10 Novafox 2WD Off Road Buggy Kit
  • (1) User Manual


This is an updated R/C model of the original FOX off-road buggy originally released in 1985. The 2013 edition is named Novafox. The R/C model retains the dust and dirt resistance features of the original while employing dog-bone type rear drive-shafts to provide the vehicle enhanced reliability.

【 Back on the Track! 】 This is an update of a popular 2WD buggy model which was a stablemate of the famous Hotshot in the late 1980s. The elegant, slim polycarbonate body brings to mind the image of a full-size racing buggy, and its markings take inspiration from the original model. Jazzy gold color metal-plated wheels are fitted with front ribbed and rear oval block tires for excellent off-road performance. The model includes a driver figure to install in the cockpit. 【 Updated Rear-Wheel 2WD Off-Road Chassis 】 This classic model retains its highly dust-resistant monocoque frame and 4-wheel independent double suspension, while also receiving updates to make it suited to the modern R/C world. Dog-bone type drive shafts are added, as is a stabilizer to help neutralize roll. Sealed gearbox and rear uprights now include a total of 8 ball bearings as standard, providing even more effective power transmission. 【 Specifications 】 ●Length: 425mm ●Height: 133mm ●Width: 225mm ●Weight: 1,140g (Not including R/C equipment and battery pack) ●Wheelbase: 260mm ●Tread: 198mm (Front), 183mm (Rear) ●Tire Width/Diameter: 23/83mm (Front), 38/88mm (Rear) ●ABS Resin Monocoque Frame ●Rear-Wheel 2WD ●3-Bevel Differentials ●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ●CVA Oil Dampers x3 (Front & Rear Total) ●Gear Ratio= 8.7:1, 7.25:1 ●Type 540 Motor ●Requires Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately) ※Cannot be used with Tamiya LF3700-6.6V Racing Pack (sold separately) 【 Separately Required Items 】 ●2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ●Battery Pack & Charger ●R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter

Mer information
Tillverkare Tamiya
Biltyp Buggy
Skala 1:10
Längd (mm) 425
Bredd (mm) 225
Höjd (mm) 133
Vikt (g) 1140
Kompletteringsnivå Kit - Byggsats
Ingående komponenter Motor borstad
Batterityp (kemi) NiMh
Antal celler 6 celler
Antal celler Ni-XX 6
Kontakt Tamiya
Svårighetsgrad Nybörjare, Medel, Avancerad
Fartreglagetyp Borstmotor